How To Grow Fruit Shrubs, Vines & Trees

Growing fruits in your garden can be a very rewarding experience. Fruits can be grown on shrubs & trees as well as on vines and ground covers.

Deciding on fruit shrubs, vines and trees

If you are interested in a quicker harvest you should go for fruit shrubs and vines. Good examples would be blueberries and strawberries. These plants yield fruits by one year or within two years, depending upon their environment.

Fruit trees take longer to start yielding fruits. Trees like apple, citrus, pomegranate and pears can take upto 3-7 year before they start yielding fruits, especially if they are planted as a small sapling.

Fruit plants need maintenance

Fertilizing and watering would play an important role in the growth of your fruit plants. The environment conditions should be such that ample sunshine is available. Several fruit shrubs & trees need to be pruned and trimmed on time to ensure proper growth and higher yield.

Having you basics clear is important in fruit gardening. You can go through the articles listed below which cover all different topics related to growing fruits in your garden. These articles are a must for beginners, advanced gardeners would also find useful tips.

List of Article - Growing Fruit Plants & Trees

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