Lawn Care

Starting a lawn can be slightly tedious task and requires attention to details. That said, it is not as complex as you might think. If you have your basics right you can are well on your way to setting up that perfect lawn of your dreams.

Selecting the right type of grass

The first step to starting off a lawn to decide on the type of grass or the combination of grass you would like for your lawn. Depending on the soil type as well as you climatic zone, you would need to choose the right type of grass which would do well in the given conditions.

Mowing, Watering, Weeding The drills of lawn care

Lawn care is an art and requires a lot of patience and care. The state of your lawn often reflects your organizing skills and your levels of discipline. The usual chores of mowing, watering and weeding you lawn, if done right can result in a well maintained lush lawn which would be an envy of your neighborhood.

List of Articles - Lawn Care

In the articles below you will find detailed information on how to start off your lawn and various lawn care tips. These articles would be useful for beginners as well as advanced gardeners.

Identifying lawn grass which can be grown in your garden

Learn about how to identify the right type of grass for your lawn depending upon the soil and climatic conditions of your region. The various types of grass and their textures are detailed in this article.

How to identify lawn problems and rectify them

You will encounter some very frequent problems with your lawn. Learn about how to rectify these day to day problems.

Identify the common lawn weeds

Lawn weeds can be a bane in any gardener's life. Learn about how to identify the common lawn weeds and methods to eliminate them.

Lawn weed identification and elimination

A continuation of the previous article on lawn weeds, this article details the less common weeds which might be infesting your lawn and methods to eliminate them.

Simple lawn care tips for a great garden

If you are beginner at lawn care you should read this article to learn the various simple techniques you should employ in order maintain your lawn.

Starting a New Lawn from Seed

Read all about how to start a new lawn directly from seed. The techniques of sowing lawn seeds and laying a new lawn.