Decorative Garden Border Ideas

Elegant garden border ideas

Let's look at a few options that are creative and decorative at the same time. These options may not always be conventional but depending on your taste you can implement them in your garden.

Colored glass bottles for garden border

If you have some green colored or black colored bottles around the house, you can use them to create flower bed edgings. This type of edging gives a very funky and unorthodox look to your garden and is definitely suited only to gardens with a casual offbeat theme.

Just create a 4 inch deep and 2 inch wide trench around the area you want to border. Insert the bottles mouth down into the trench. You can place the bottles at a slant so they touch each other to give a cascading look.

Another interesting option is to use soda cans or food cans for borders.

Concrete decorative garden edging

You can buy molded concrete from a home-garden store. These concrete blocks are shaped to look like rocks or bricks. The edges are usually grated to give it a natural look. You can come up with interesting garden edging ideas using concrete blocks. It is pretty easy to stack them up in a trench or lay them out flat to create a decorative edging.

Professional help can be employed to create beautiful concrete edges but this would be an expensive option.

Using garden plants for edging

Alyssums as decorative garden borders

Don't ignore the option of growing attractive dwarf garden plants to act as edges between beds. There is nothing more natural than to have flowering alyssums or candytufts bordering the large flower beds or shrubs.

Other plant varieties that can be used are Veronica, Artmisia, Rocky mountain zinnia, cats paw or bouncing bets. In fact, any plant which has a dwarf growing and mound forming habit can be used for this purpose.

Using cobblestones for garden borders

You can buy some cobblestones from landscape contractors and use them to line your hedges and flower beds. Cobblestones give a old country look and provide for an elegant ambience in the garden. Usually square cobbles of granite are used for this purpose.

We hope this article provided some good insights into garden border ideas that you can try out with your flowers beds and lawns. Just remember to make an educated decision on the choice of material based on the economics as well as the aesthetic appeal of it.