Warning: Shrubs with poisonous berries in your garden

Several shrubs come up with luscious looking berries, due to their dark colors and appetizing hues it is common for kids and adults to put it in their mouth. Heed caution, these berries can be fatally poisonous.

When you consume a poisonous berry the mildest reaction would be a gastric problem where you feel a pain in the stomach or nausea, severe reaction can include death due to poison.

Find below a list of shrubs with poisonous berries, take heed if you are planting them in your garden.

List of shrubs which bear poisonous berries

Boston ivy : The berries look luscious and they appear in a cluster. The berries are dark blue in color and give a grape like appearance. Very common for kids to be attracted to the color of these berries. Eating a few can be fatal.

English ivy : Can be easily mistaken for black currant. These berries are dark purple in color and grow in clusters. Eating these berries in a small amount can lead to gastric trouble and can also be fatal in some cases. Keeps these berries at bay if there are kids around your house.

Virginia creeper : These berries become ripe by late spring. They are dark blue in color (almost blackish blue) and look enticing. Birds are known to eat these berries but held as extremely poisonous for humans.

Privet : They ripen by winter and usually stay through out the year hanging around in clusters of dull black berries. Known to be highly poisonous and causes severe gastric troubles when consumed.

Holly : These berries look enticing because of their yellow or dark red hue, but are highly poisonous. Kids are attracted to the appetising color of these berries and several fatalities are reported during christmas times due to the use of holly in decorations.

Mistletoe : These berries are white in color and grow in clusters. Avoid eating them if you dont want a severely disturbed stomach, these berries are known to be highly poisonous.

Elderberry : These berries are known for their flavor and used while making jams and wines. In their ripe form they are edible, but when they are unripe they are highly poisonous.

Yew berries : These scarlet berries can be immediately tempting to anyone not aware of its poison. Most poisoining cases have been reported due to consumption of these berries by kids. They look like little cherries and ripen by late spring. The berries are cup shaped with the seed in center.

Lantana : They are highly poisonous when unripe and green. These berries grow in clusters and ripen into dark blue color by late summer. Ripe lantana berries are not as poisonous as the unripe green ones.

Pokeweed : Berries are dark purple in color. This plant is also known as pokebush and the berries are called poke berries. Birds relish them but these berries are poisonous to humans.

Doll's eyes : These berries look very attractive white their white color and black dots. They look like little eyes and they grow in clusters. They are deadly poisonous when consumed.

You can grow these shrubs in your garden for their beautiful and exotic berries. The can add a lot of color to your garden, as well as any flowering plant would. Just take caution to place a warning sign if kids visit your garden frequently. If someone consumes these berries by accident, they should be rushed to the hospital immediately.