Growing Vines and Groundcovers

Vines and ground covers are a great possibility to have for you garden. These plant no only grow fast but they tend to cover up areas with greenery.

Selecting your vines & groundcovers

Most vines have tendrils and hold fasts which they use to climb over walls and support. You can use natural supports like an old tree stump or use artificial supports like stalks and lattice.

Flowering vines and ground covers beautiful to look at, especially due to their sprawling nature. Imagine your archway decorated by a lush flowering vine. There are several vines which produce fruits and berries.

Caring for your vines & groundcovers

Vines require to be trimmed and pruned during the right times to ensure proper growth. You need to pay special attention to the type of support you use for the vines and its placement. Fertilizing and watering are just as important for vines.

Several vines and groundcovers prefer sun while some prefer growing in the shade. These are factor you need to take into consideration when you purchase the plant.

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