Soil Preparation & Composting Techniques

Your garden might have acidic soil or alkaline soil, or it maybe neutral as is the case with most soil. You may be blessed with loam soil or may be cursed with thick clay soil. Whatever the case may be there are techniques to work you soil to make it plant friendly.

Acidic or Alkaline Soil?

Most plants do well in neutral soil but some require acidic or alkaline soil to do better.

Several plants don't grow too well in acidic soil. It is important to make the soil more plant friendly by adding alkaline elements like lime to the soil to neutralize the acidic effect.

Loam, Sandy & Clay Soil

The texture of your soil would determine it water holding capacity as well as the oxygen retaining capacity.

Clay soil is the worst you can end up with. This type of soil is compactly packed leaving no space for air or water seepage.

Loam soil is the best deal you can have. Whatever be the type of soil in your yard, it is possible to use techniques to improve it plant friendliness.

Compost - The Gardener's Black Gold

Composting is an organic way of enriching your soil and making it more porous as well as improving its fertility. Most gardener's call it the black gold.

List of Articles - Soil preparation and Composting

The below list of articles cover the topics of soil preparation and composting in detail. Beginners at gardening would highly benefit from the information presented in these articles, if you are an advanced gardener you can be sure of finding useful tips in these articles which can enhance your gardening skills.

Simple tips for preparing garden soil for vegetable planting

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Basics of Composting And How To Make Your Own Compost

Learn about the basics of composting, the various ways you can make your own compost and a lot of other useful information related to composting.

How to Build a Compost Tumbler

Composting is the most organic way of fertilizing your soil and improving its water & air retaining capacity. You don't need to purchase compost from outside, instead look at building you own compost tumbler using the house hold and garden wastes. Read all about it in this article.

Chemical fertilizers vs Organic fertilizers - What should you use?

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How to Get Started With Mulch in Your Garden

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Effects of Chemical Fertilizers on Garden Plants

Chemical fertilizers are helpful but need to be used in the right manner. Read about how to work with chemical fertilizers without harming your plants.

Analysis of Soil Ph for Better Gardening

Soil ph analysis helps you determine the acidic or alkaline nature of your soil. Certain Plants and lawn grass require the correct soil ph to grow better. Read all about it.