Various Garden Layouts & Designs

There are formal gardens and then there are casual ones. You can go in for strict boundaries and symmetrical edges or you could go in for an asymmetrical casual look. The choices of design and layouts are varied.

When you plan on vegetable gardening it is important to follow certain specifications when it comes to the garden layout. Flower gardening is more lenient though and you could let you imagination go wild.

List of Articles - Garden Layouts & Design

Find below a list of articles detailing the various garden layouts and designs you can go in for. Simple techniques and tips are provided so that beginners can follow the steps easily and plan the layout of their garden.

Tips on Using Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

Learn about the different indoor garden lighting you can employ at home, this article also provides several tips and suggestion on the use of indoor grow lights

Basic Guide on Using Solar Powered Garden Lights

Find out the various solar lighting options you can try for your home garden. Solar powered garden lights are becoming popular in landscapes nowadays and for a good reason.

What is a Hydroponic Gardening and How to Make a Hydroponic Garden at Home?

Find out about hydroponic gardening in detail and how to make your own hydroponic garden at home

Ideas for Gardening on a Balcony

Learn some simple and easy to implement ideas for the balcony garden. This article provides several tips, suggestions, ideas for planting and use of containers in balcony gardening.

Garden Edging Ideas Using Bricks, Plastic, Metal and Other Material

Learn about interesting garden edging ideas that can be implementend in your yard or landscape. This article focuses more on home gardeners and provides economical and decorative options to be tried out.

Instructions for Building Simple Bird Feeders for Your Garden

This article details how to make simple bird feeders at home and about the different types of bird feeders you can use in your garden.

Building a Brick or Rock Fire Pit in Your Backyard

Simple DIY instructions to build a brick or rock fire pit in your backyard. Once you have the right materials in place building it is a breeze.

Unique Landscaping Ideas for Your Front Yard

Unique ideas for front yard landscaping that will liven up your house entrance. Ideas that are easy to implement and low of budget, so you can design your front yard with the least investment

How Do I Keep Cats Out of My Yard?

Wondering how to keep cats out of your yard? Just read this article to get several techniques and tips on accomplishing just that.

Ideas for Decorating Your Yard for Christmas

Find out the various creative christmas yard decorations you can employ in your yard to jazz up the festivities and liven up the surroundings

Plants, Stones & Design Ideas for Building a Rock Garden

Learn how to build a rock garden at home on your own, provides detailed instructions, list of rock garden plants and other tips

Types of Ornamental Grasses for Your Garden

Find out the different popular ornamental grasses that can be grown in your garden and a list of different types of ornamental grasses categorized based on climatic requirements, sizes and soil conditions, also provided are recommendations on how to take care of them

Vegetable garden layout plans for the home garden

Vegetable gardening requiring proper planning as far as the layout is concerned in order to allow for breathing space as well as ease of harvesting. Certain layouts like raised beds can be very useful for vegetable gardening. Read all about it in this article.

Plans for a Simple Garden

Read about how to develop plans for a simple garden. It is more important to plan when you are working with a modest sized yard.

How to Plan A Garden From Scratch

Simple tips on how to plan a garden from the start, taking the factors like soil, yard space and climate into consideration.

Designing Container Gardens for Specific Themes

Read about how to go about designing a container garden around a specific theme such as Asian, Tropical & Desert themes.

Garden Design - 4 Important Points to Take Into Consideration

Here are four important points that you need to take into consideration while planning your garden or landscape.
Guest Article by Dontel Montelbaun.

Build a Relaxing Backyard Garden: Ten Pointers for Preparing Your Paradise

Creating your own relaxing backyard environment is a wonderful way to live stress-free in this stressful world.
Guest Article by Kimberly Aardal.

7 Tools to Cool a Summer Greenhouse

Here are seven effective tools you can use to cool the interiors of your greenhouse during the summer.
Guest Article by Jean Gallagher.