Growing White Annual Flowers in Your Garden

There are different types of annualsyou can choose from, most of them vary in the structure and color of their flowers.

Where you create an annual flower bed, you can look at a uniform color theme. The best color to choose in this case would be white.

There are several annuals which have white colored flowers, that come in different sizes and shapes. A few of the popular ones are mentioned below with their pictures and description.

Popular White Annual Flowers

A few popular annuals which give off white colored flowers are given below. Most of these annuals would also be available in varieties yielding flowers of other colors.

Snapdragon :There flowers have a unique structure in that their face looks like a dragon's mouth. It is a cold season annual.

Sweet Alyssum :These annuals are low growing. Alyssums have beautiful flowers and they look elegant in clusters.

White Impatiens :These simplistic looking flowers have a beauty of their own. Impatiens are mound forming annuals and look good when clustered.

White Petunias :These annuals come in different bold colors, but white petunias look graceful.

Verbena :These flowers grow in clusters and have a light yellowish center. These annual flowers offer a perfect background to a flower bed built around a soft theme.

Rose periwinkle :These flowers have white petals with a tinge of pink at the center. Periwinkles look elegant and add a charm to your garden.

Zinnia :These annual flowers have a multilayered structure which gives them a marigold look. The pollen is usually yellow colored but the petals are bright white.

Pansies : These flowers have very delicate petals. Pansies are annuals which prefer a cool weather and do well in regions where the climate is predominantly cold.

You can use a combination of these flowers in your flower bed to create a white colored theme in your garden. Certain flowers look good when grown in clusters in which case you can use a repetition of these annuals in your flower bed.