Home Garden - Identifying Sun Loving Annual Flowers

There are several annual flowers which prefer direct sunlight and grow well in full sun. These annuals are also heat resistant and survive even when the watering is scarce.

If you are living in regions where the summers are hot and last for long, where full sun is available for most part of the year, you should consider growing sun loving annuals in your garden.

Examples of Sun Loving Annual Flower Plants

A few examples of popular sun loving annuals are given below with their pictures.


California poppy





Annual Flowers for Shade

On the other side of the spectrum as annuals which prefer to grow in shade. These annuals may be drought resistant but they cannot withstand direct sun for long.

You will notice that in the case of shade loving annuals the leaves are thick green and have a bright hue to their flowers. The lack of direct sun ensure that they maintain the green hue of their foliage.

In the case of sun loving annuals there is a tendency to love the lush green color of the foliage due to the impact of direct sun. The leaves take on a light green hue and the flowers tend to wither away quicker.

With shade loving annual flower plants you have the advantage of longer lasting and brighter flowers.

A few examples of popular annual flowers for shade are given below.





Make sure you choose the annuals based on your climatic conditions. You can check up with your local cooperative extension regarding the varieties of annuals that do well in your area. Another option would be to peek into your neighbor's garden to check out the annuals which are doing well.