Growing Evergreen & Flowering Shrubs

Shrubs are heavy duty plants and used for a variety of purpose like fencing, hedging, foundation planting or just for their flowers & berries.

Choosing the right shrubs

If you are only interested in the leaves or foliage, you should go in for evergreen shrubs. You interest could lie in the flowers as well as the foliage, there are several flowering shrubs with beautiful leaves.

Some shrubs are deciduous and they shed their leaves by fall, some stay evergreen and last in their greenery forever.

Pruning, mulching, trimming, watering .. et al

Pruning, trimming, watering, fertilizing, soil preparation & mulching would be required for the healthy growth of your shrubs. Shrubs are fast growers and are usually low maintenance plants.

List of Articles - Growing Evergreen & Flowering Shrubs

Find below a list of articles with information on how to go about growing shrubs in your garden. This information is highly helpful to beginners. Advanced gardeners can also garner a few useful tips.

Identify flowering shrubs for your elegant garden

This article details the various popular flowering shrubs you can grow in your garden. Flowering shrubs accomplish the dual task of providing refreshing foliage and colorful flowers.

Identifying popular evergreen shrubs & bushes

There are several evergreen shrubs which you can be grown in the garden with the purpose of bordering and fencing. The sheer beauty of their foliage is an excellent reason to have these shrubs in your garden.

Some fascinating dwarf evergreen shrubs

Read about the various dwarf evergreen shrubs you can plant in your garden. The beauty of dwarf shrubs lies in the fact that they dont overgrow the space provided for them and hence require less pruning.

Understanding different kinds of shrubs

Did you know that there are three different types of shrubs avaiable, each with its unique attraction? This is an excellent article for gardening beginners to get an idea of the various shrubs you can choose from.

Ideas for planting different types of evergreen shrubs

You can plan out different types of garden designs based on your shrubs alone. The way you plant your shrubs can give a definition and grace to your garden. Read to find out more.

Taking care of fast growing evergreen shrubs

Shrubs are low maintenance plants but they do require some attention. Some fast growing shrubs need to be cared for especially when it comes keeping them in good shape.

Tips on how to trim and prune shrubs for better growth

Pruning and trimming are essential to proper growth of your shrubs. Read about the various techiques to employ while pruning the shrubs.

Warning: Shrubs with poisonous berries in your garden

Several shrubs give off colorful berries which are very attractive to look at and are enticing enough to cause people to eat them. Some of the berries are poisonous enough to be fatal. Check out this article for information on various shrubs which have poisonous berries.