Guide to Different Types of Garden Planters

Wooden and terra cotta planters

In this article we will look at the different types of planters that can be employed for indoor and outdoor planting. Some of these materials are more common while so are recent and trendy.

Wooden garden planters

Wood is a natural and organic choice to add grace to your container planting. They give off a traditional or old-age look to your garden and especially suitable for formal layouts. There are some really large wooden planter boxes that can be used to grow rows of onions or lettuce, and can be placed near the corridor or backyard porch to save up on space.

Wooden planters are easy to paint, which is a big advantage when you want to match the planter to the background wall color or contrast it. Most commercially sold wooden planters and boxes are made out of rot resistant cedar wood, so you can place it along areas that are exposed to moisture and wet conditions. Another advantage is that wood is resistant to cold conditions and keep the soil inside warmer compared to a ceramic or a plastic container.

Be sure to check out the various designs in wooden planters available online. There are some unique designs that allow a trellis or lattice structure to be collated with the planter to allow for vines and creepers to twine up.

Plastic/Resin planters

If you are looking for light weight planters then this is your best choice. Plastic planters are not considered organic by many gardeners but it has several advantages that can be exploited, some of them are mentioned below

  1. Plastic or Resin planters come in wide range of shapes and sizes that can't be obtained in other materials
  2. They don't absorb moisture from the soil or the growing media and hence tend to retain moisture better
  3. It is far easier to transplant plants growing in plastic containers as the roots to don't adhere to its sides
  4. They are extremely light weight making them ideal for planter stands and balcony planting
  5. When exposed to extreme environments like high heat or cold, they do tend to crack up but only after a long duration, under normal conditions they are quite unbreakable.

Be sure to buy plastic containers of lighter shades and colors, a dark colored plastic planter would soak up the heat and cook the roots inside. Resin planter boxes do better when placed in a relatively shaded location.

Plastic wall planters are getting popular especially in the balcony gardens. You can use these planters to grow herbs or trailing plants like cherry tomatoes and strawberries. Several flowering plants that grow in tufts and mounds can also be planted .

Plastic swan planters offer a unique design and most of them are floatable, so you can place them in your pool or pond.

Ceramic planters

This is one of the most aesthetic material for planters. Several artistic designs and styles can be obtained in ceramic planters. It is well-suited to place ceramic containers indoors as well as near the doorway and entrance. They offer a decorative touch to any interior with or without plants! If you are planning on building a small patio garden then ceramic planters are you best bet.

Ceramic tea cup planters are getting really popular because of their unique design and style.

Copper planters

These are definitely decorative and aesthetic but are more suited for indoors than outdoors. The greatest disadvantage is the heat buildup in these planters when they are placed in the sun. If you have a shaded patio or deck, you can place some elegant copper planters there, but definitely not in an open garden.

Fiberglass planters

If you have never considered this option then you must, fiberglass is a very stable material and it will hold up to heat, cold and moisture conditions like not other material would. They are 10 times lighter than any wooden, terra cotta or ceramic planter and they are quite unbreakable unless a lot of force is applied. A fiberglass planter can be used outdoors or indoors and can be obtained in several sizes and shapes.

Polyethylene Garden Planters

These planters have started a new trend in container gardening. They are long lasting and suited for indoor as well as outdoor planting. You can buy some beautiful patio planters and window planters made out of polyethylene. They are heat resistant, moisture resistant and can tolerate chilly conditions quite easily. Check out this online portal for different designs in patio and window polyethylene planters:

Clay Planters

Who isn't familiar with clay planters, you can find them outdoors in several gardens. Several beautiful and artistic designs are now available in clay containers that make them a good choice for outdoor planting. Terra cotta pots (clay pots) are made from baked earth, they are organic and durable. The material is porous and hence you can never over-water plants in these containers, they are resistant to extreme temperatures and allow for root breathability.